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Why you should hire a Professional Makeup Artist for one of the most important days of your life....

Many of us think we can apply our own makeup beautifully, and while we often do a great job, we can fail to understand that our everyday makeup is very different from what professional makeup artists apply. As a Professional Makeup Artist I am trained in accentuating your best features.  I use top quality products giving you perfect coverage that will last all day. This is essential if you are to continue looking your best throughout your entire day of your wedding!


While all this is very important, a valuable result of having professionally applied makeup on your wedding day will be the results shown in your wedding photos. Bridal Makeup is renowned for a soft dewy look, radiating a youthful looking and almost pure complexion. Airbrush Makeup along with  natural contouring, highlighting  and concealing will ensure a flawless looking you, allowing your photographer to capture the best shots of you in the timeframe allocated. A Professional Makeup Artist will know what is required to suit wedding photography. Perfection is the key.on one of the most important days of your life! It would be an honor to be apart of your day and in creating your signature wedding day look! 

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